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The Puerto Rican Folkloric Festival: 2008 (Video)


Last year's festival was held on August 24, 2008, when this year's Masters of Ceremony duties were shared by the incomparable Malín Falú, host of HITN TV's "Dialogo: Costa a Costa" and La Mega's own "Chichi".  Together they introduced one of the best line-ups of talent Fiesta has had.


This year, traditional groups like "Cuerdas del Caribe", "Orlando Cruz y los Pleneros de Trastallere" and Carlos Juan "El Lunatico" y su Conjunto Típico Bohío brought eventgoers back in time in plaza's and clubs where the music was played on warm evenings all over the island.  Dancers of all ages, in period costumes, excited the crowd with tradicional choreography and music of the ages.  Wilma Castro and her dance group "Cultura y Tradicion" brought thunderous applause as several women, and a gentleman, aged 60 to 80 years of age, danced thier way into the hearts of the audience.  "International Princesses", consisting of four young ladies, ages 10-12, in colorful dresses showed the crowd how tradition can continue in the hearts of our children.  The all day event culminated with a fantastic musical performance by Frankie Morales and the Mambo of the Times Orchestra, who had the eventgoers dancing salsa all over Rumsey Field.
Special recognition and honors were given to Jimmy Horacio and Rafael Morales, Puerto Rican pioneers who have made great efforts to advance Puerto Rican culture in New York, and special acknowledgements to District Council 37 (DC37), SSEU-Local 371 and Local 1549 for thier sponsorship of this year's event. 

Over the years "Fiesta" has successfully presented its annual all day event to tens of thousands who enjoy our culture through music, dance and a typical cuisine.  .   

For those who have attended La Fiesta over the years, thank you for your patronage.  We are presently working on next year's "Fiesta" and hope to continue bringing the best traditional and contemporary performances to the Central Park stage.  Check back for updates and announcements, right here on our new home on the internet.  More photos of Fiesta 2008 below.

Dios les bediga a todos, y nos veremos el año que viene. 
                                               - Fiesta Folklórica Puertorriqueña, 2008

Photo album of the 2008 Puerto Rican Folkloric Festival
Photos by Haizea-Jennifer Amezaga, Diana Diaz, Alice Garcia, Jasmine Fourquet, and Charlie Fourquet

Fiesta2008/HPIM2474.JPG Fiesta2008/patxi9.jpg Fiesta2008/patxi8.jpg Fiesta2008/patxi7.jpg
Fiesta2008/patxi6.jpg Fiesta2008/patxi3.jpg Fiesta2008/patxi2.jpg Fiesta2008/patxi1.jpg
Fiesta2008/patxi4.jpg Fiesta2008/HPIM2473.JPG Fiesta2008/HPIM2469.JPG Fiesta2008/HPIM2472.JPG
Fiesta2008/HPIM2471.JPG Fiesta2008/HPIM2470.JPG Fiesta2008/HPIM2464.jpg Fiesta2008/HPIM2468.JPG
Fiesta2008/HPIM2467.JPG Fiesta2008/CIMG3271.JPG Fiesta2008/CIMG3270.JPG Fiesta2008/CIMG3269.JPG
Fiesta2008/CIMG3268.JPG Fiesta2008/CIMG3267.JPG Fiesta2008/CIMG3266.JPG Fiesta2008/CIMG3265.JPG
Fiesta2008/CIMG3264.JPG Fiesta2008/CIMG3263.JPG Fiesta2008/CIMG3262.JPG Fiesta2008/CIMG3261.JPG
Fiesta2008/CIMG3260.JPG Fiesta2008/CIMG3259.JPG Fiesta2008/CIMG3258.JPG Fiesta2008/CIMG3257.JPG
Fiesta2008/CIMG3256.JPG Fiesta2008/CIMG3255.JPG Fiesta2008/CIMG3254.JPG Fiesta2008/CIMG3253.JPG