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The Puerto Rican Folkloric Festival: 2009 (V)


This year was one of the most attended Fiesta's in recent years.  The festival was held on August 30, 2009, and was MC'd again by the famous radio and television Ms. Malín Falú, host of Spanish language HITN TV's "Dialogo: Costa a Costa", introducing yet another fantastic line-up of talent on the Fiesta stage.
This year's "misa" was dedicated to the late Puerto Rican Senator Olga Mendez, who represented her constituants with the same vigor and pride she had for hometown of Mayagüez.  The first part of the musical program was dedicated to the men of the 65th Infantry.  A military unit comprised of Puerto Rican soldiers.  Mr. Anthony Mele, chairman of the 65th Infantry Task Force spoke elequently about the brave sacrifices of our veterans.  The attendees showed thier appreciation with standing applause.   

This year, traditional groups like "Orlando Cruz y los Pleneros de Trastallere" and Carlos Juan "El Lunatico" y su Conjunto Típico Bohío brought event-goers back to placitas in Puerto Rico with their traditional arrangements.  Wilma Castro and her dance group "Cultura y Tradicion" was back, in elaborate costumes never disappointed the crowd with their lively dance routines.  DANZA FIESTA wowed thousands in attendance as usual with their performances of "bailes de los palitos".  Ending the evening there was Ernie Acevedo and su conjunto "Imágen", put on one of their best shows to date. 
A special honor was given to Assemblyman Adam Clayton Powell, for his support of cultural events and functions through out the years.  Those in attendance were treated to inspiring words by the Assemblyman, who thanked the community for their work to keeping traditions alive.  Special acknowledgements to the leaders of DC37, SSEU-Local 371 and Local 1549 for 65 years of struggles and efforts to represent their members and the Puerto Rican community, to which the second half of the program was dedicated.    New York City Comptroller William (Bill) Thompson attended the event, shaking hands with event-goers. Honors, and special mention was extended to Senator Martin Malave Dilan, who was unable to attend.     
Fiesta thanks everyone who attended the event.  It was a success, and we hope to continue to represent our culture in a positive way.  We are now preparing for our fund-raising events and hope you can attend and contribute to this very worthy cause.  Our 44th Anniversary of "Fiesta" is also being planned for next year so check back for updates and announcements right here on our home on the Internet.   More photos of Fiesta 2009 below.

Que Dios les bendiga a todos, y nos veremos el año que viene. 
                             - Fiesta Folklórica Puertorriqueña, 2009

 Photo album of the 2009 Puerto Rican Folkloric Festival
Photos by Charlie Fourquet, Orlando Bodon and Hector Pardo

Fiesta2009/ships_054.jpg Fiesta2009/v6.jpg Fiesta2009/v5.jpg Fiesta2009/v3.jpg
Fiesta2009/v2.jpg Fiesta2009/v4.jpg Fiesta2009/p2.jpg Fiesta2009/g3.jpg
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Fiesta2009/19.jpg Fiesta2009/18.jpg Fiesta2009/04.jpg Fiesta2009/11.jpg
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